about me

Tom Oehler is a platinum-selling music producer, songwriter, and mixing engineer.


In the past year alone, Toms catalog streamed over 50 million streams across the world and creating not one, but two number one airplay-hits in Switzerland. One of those songs was the gold-selling anthem "Watergun" by Remo Forrer, which dominated the airplay-charts for multiple weeks was nominated for the SMA in the category Best Hit.


Tom was part of four Eurovision Song Contest entries representing Switzerland, Germany, and Austria with the latest song being “The Code” by Nemo, which ended up winning the Grand Final and bringing the ESC to Switzerland the first time after 36 years.


He’s collaborating with Switzerland's foremost artists including Nemo, Remo Forrer, Anna Rossinelli, Marius Bear, Nickless, Argyle and DANA, Tom's portfolio also includes collaborations with international luminaries such as Lenka, Ewa Farna, TEYA, Jasper Steverlinck and Luna Morgenstern.


His passion for collaborative music-making takes him across the globe, where he endeavors to craft the best version of the music he works on, without hesitating to invest whatever it takes.

Tom Oehler




K16 Studios

Kasinostrasse 16

8032 Zürich 

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